Frequently asked questions :

Q: Does any of my personal information get stored when using the site ?
A:  No. PornFN uses cookies to collect anonymous information about our site’s visitors, this is performed for analytical purposes. Your personal data (e-mail) is only temporarily available to us while we process your request in case you chose to send us an e-mail directly, or via our forms,

Q : The tags or description do not correspond with the video, is there something I can do ?
A: Unfortunately not, the tags and video descriptions are imported automatically from the originating host site, please report any errors directly to the site hosting the video.

Q: Where can I find your terms of use, privacy policy ?
A: You may find the links to the terms of use and privacy policy at the bottom of our site.

Q: I do not want anyone to know that I have visited anything I can do?
A: Please consider visiting the site in your browser's incognito mode, this mode does not keep any browser history or browsing trail after the page is closed, alternative solutions include erasing your browser history after each visit, most modern browsers allow you to perform both these actions.

Q: Can I upload videos to your site ?
A: No, This action is not possible as our site does not directly store content, it just lists adult content from other hosting sites.

Q: I really liked a video, can I download it?
A: No, This action is not possible directly from, please consider visiting the original hosting site as they may allow you to download the desired video.

Q: How do you determine the Most Popular videos ?
A: The order of videos that show up are determined by a proprietary algorithm, however things like video ratings, recent clicks and alike are considered.

Q: I did not select the Gay or Shemale category, however I am still seeing some gay or shemale videos, why does this happen ?
A: We are fully dependent on the content received from our indexed sites, we are always improving our importer algorithms in order to prevent such occurrences from happening.

Q: I would like to suggest a new site for indexing by PornFN, how can I do this?
A: Please get in touch with us via our contact form, while we cannot guarantee that your suggestion will be implemented (as indexing depends on many parameters) we will make all efforts to get it done

Q: Can I change the language on the site ?
A: This feature is not available at this time however it’s part of our development road-map and will come in the future, please stay tuned!

Q: Videos are not playing, how can I fix this ?
A: Please ensure that your system is up to date, most video players on the sites that we link to use HTML5, ensuring that your system is up to date and your browser is recent, videos should play correctly. In some cases there may be a issue directly with the hosting site in which case the problem is something that only they can fix.

Q: Videos are loading slow, anything I can do ?
A: The speed of the videos loading is directly affected by your internet connection and the link between you and the site hosting the video, please try videos from multiple sources. If videos from all sources are loading slow then it might be a problem with your internet connection, or something is already using your internet bandwidth such as a torrent or an active download. Also please note that some VPN services may slow down your traffic as they route your traffic through various VPN nodes in different countries.

Q: Video does not have sound, why is this happening ?
A: There are a small amount of videos that do not have sound, this is normal as sound is not usually a mandatory criteria when uploading a video, however some players may have the video muted by defaut, please check the video player that the video is not simply muted.